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Frequently Asked Questions about Carlos.

Is Carlos Mencia his real name?
He was born Ned Arnel Mencia. He adopted "Carlos" in honor of his father.

Where was Carlos Born?
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

What is his Date of Birth?
October 22, 1967. Carlos is a Scorpio.

Where can I see Carlos Perform?
Carlos maintains a calendar of upcoming shows at:

Can I get tickets to a Mind of Mencia TV Show?
Tickets for the taping of Mind of Mencia can be obtained at: It is important to remember the show is taped well in advance.

Is Carlos Mencia a Joke Thief?
Comedy is a subjective art form. It is quite possible for two comics to come up with what is in essence the same piece of material. A classic example would be Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Reiser. The two seemed to have the exact same catch phrase. One would say, "who, are these people?" The other would say, "who are, these people?"

The recently released video should clear up any accusations that Carlos Mencia is a joke thief.

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